Dippy the iconic Dinosaur

Recently i was absolutely delighted to be asked by the people upstairs at The Natural History Museum to be involved in celebrating a little piece of history in itself. 2017 marks the end of a ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN year stay in the museum for the cast of the Diplodocus, otherwise known as 'Dippy'. If you, or your parents, or your parents parents, or even your parents parents parents (depending on how old you are) have visited the Natural History Museum during a sightseeing trip to our capital at one time or another, then you will have no doubt been looked down upon by the towering cast of Dippy, which has stood in it's current spot in the main hall as you arrive since 1979. Before that, it has been positioned in different areas of the museum since it's arrival in 1905 and has been on show to the general public for the duration of the 111 years, other than when it was partially dismantled in 1940 to protect it from potential damage during World War II.

The cast's journey began when a fragment of a Diplodocus was discovered in 1898 in Wyoming, by a fossil hunter named William Harlow Reed. A team of palaeontologists, including Reed, were then hired by an American philanthropist called Andrew Carnegie and began the task of finding a complete specimen. Eventually this resulted in the finding of a big toe, which then lead the team to much more!

At the beginning of the 1900's, Carnegie agreed to have the cast shipped over and set up in London's iconic Natural History Museum. The cast arrived in 36 separate cases and once it was built, it was then presented to over 200 guests including members of the military, parliament and the House of Lords. This week saw the beginning of the removal of the cast which was also witnessed and celebrated by a similar amount of people, which is where i came in... To help celebrate this extraordinary landmark, i was delighted to be asked to create a cake featuring an edible version of the iconic structure,  as well as 2 separate cakes depicting the famous architecture within the current hall that Dippy has sat for the last 35 years. All in all, there was enough cake to go around all of the lucky attendees and ensure everyone gave Dippy the send off he deserves after wow-ing the public for so many years! His next journey will involve being dismantled and heading out on tour, visiting 8 venues across the U.K. Be sure to see if he pop's in to one near you.

Suede - Coming Up 20th Anniversary

Recently i was asked to create a cake to mark the 20th Anniversary of Suede's 3rd album 'Coming Up', which was the bands third album released in the well publicised Britpop era. Having been a fan of this particular era of music myself, i was always more attracted to Oasis with being a northerner and only knew of Suede's bigger hits and not paying as much attention to the albums themselves. However last year i created a cake to mark the anniversary of their second album 'Dog Man Star' which meant i gave them more of my attention 20 years after the original conception! When i was asked to create the cake to mark this latest anniversary, it definitely got me more interested in finding out a bit more about the album in question by listening and reading up on the recording process and ideas behind it. 

The album itself was the first to be made after the departure of legendary guitarist Bernard Butler, who went on to form the duo McAlmont and Butler as well as appearing on tracks by and producing artists such as The Libertines, Edwin Collins, Bert Jansch and even Roy Orbison - safe to say they were pretty big shoes to fill! But fill them they did, with none other than 17 year old guitarist Richard Oakes, who was hired off the back of a demo tape sent into the Suede fan club, which is the stuff that all us young budding guitarists can only dream of! Just goes to show, send your stuff around and get it heard, you never know what might come of it! The band prepared for the recording of the new album by listening to a lot of 60's pop classics, as well as T-Rex in order to come up with a much more pop-hit based album than the last one, allowing them to gain much more success commercially in the UK, hitting number 1 on the UK album chart along with 5 top ten singles. It also was a big hit in Europe and Asia, all together selling 1.5 million copies world wide! In fact, the album was praised pretty much throughout the music world, apart from one such music critic who's review has been slightly edited on the official Wikipedia page.."Andy Gill of The Independent total twat, however was a harsh critic of the album. In contrast to their first album, he wrote: "two albums and one guitarist later, they sound utterly mined out," - Can you spot the slight addition? I bloody love Wikipedia sometimes.

All in all, the album continues to be a firm favourite with Suede fans as well as listeners of music from that era in general, which made it an absolute pleasure to create a cake to mark the occasion. Here's to another 20 years of success and shows...i really should try and attend one one day. 


- Adam

Walkers Crisps

Recently i was delighted to be asked to create some cakes for the crisp giant that is Walkers. I'm assuming you know who i'm referring to as according to Walkers, their products get eaten by up to 11 million people each day, and in each of those days they are shifting 800 tons of potatoes in their factory in Leicester! That's some serious carbs going on in there. The company has been going for almost 60 years and is famously fronted by former Leicester striker and Match of the Day presenter, Gary Lineker. You may have seen Gary recently in Walkers latest set of adverts picking letters out of Crisp bags trying to spell out different destinations around the world, with the hope of winning a trip to said country, courtesy of Walkers. It was this 'Spell and Go' campaign which i was asked to work with them on to help them promote. The idea being to design and create 8 cakes based around Landmarks from around the world.

The landmarks and cities included:

Tokyo - Sensoji Temple

New York - Empire State Building

Amsterdam - Canal

Bangkok - Wat Arun Temple

Sri Lanka - Sigiriya rock fortress

Barcelona - Camp Nou Stadium

Corfu - Paaiokastritsa beach

Florence - Santa Maria Del Fiore

As you can imagine, it was a great pleasure to be asked to create something for such a well established business and i was proud as punch to be a part of the campaign representing such a large, nationwide competition. After researching each place to get an idea of the surroundings, you can imagine how much it gave me the bug to get away...and since creating the designs i've managed to visit Barcelona's famous stadium in the flesh. So with 1 down and 7 to go, this could get expensive...in which case i best get buying some multipacks and collecting these letters myself. 

Renault Clio at 25

Last week i was delighted to be asked to create a set of cakes to mark 25 years since the first Renault Clio was launched. The first model was launched in March 1991 to replace the famous Renault 5 that lasted almost 2 generations and is still used today by everyone from young boy racers to parents doing the school drop off.

The Clio was named after the greek word meaning 'made or to make famous' and sold 13 million cars worldwide since it's launch. Nearly 2 million of those can be found in the U.K, which all started with  the original advert featuring the dreamy French girl called Nicole, which has pretty much made me want to have a french girlfriend ever since, and her equally suave 'Papa', which stole the hearts of the British public, aswell as helping shift a heck of a lot of Clio's for Renault!

To help celebrate the launch i was asked to create 10 cake versions of the new Renault Clio's, which were to be delivered in birdcages to magazine's and publishers around London to promote the anniversary, and to tie in with a full size version of the car to be displayed in King's Cross Station in a giant birdcage! The idea was that the birdcage itself was covered in padlocks and the public were given the chance to try and unlock the padlocks to be in with a chance to win a car! The giant version of the birdcage was revealed by one of the U.K's best known French exports in the form of debonair maitre d'- Fred Sirieix (that bloke who welcomes the diners into the restaurant on Channel 4's First Dates).

A few years later, Renault nailed the advertising campaign yet again by making French football superstar Thierry Henry it's face, asking the question "What is Va Va Voom?", which the U.K took to so much that in 2004 the phrase 'Va Va Voom' was entered into the English Dictionary!

It was an absolute pleasure to create these designs for such an iconic car, and with it being 55 years next year since the launch of the Cortina i ask, are you reading this, Ford?




Diamond Wedding Anniversary

This week i was delighted to be asked to make a cake for a very special Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Diamond Weddings celebrate 60 years of Marriage, which i'm sure you'll agree that 60 years of anything is impressive enough, let alone spending that much time with any one person. This one is particularly special personally as it is the Diamond Anniversary of my own grandparents, Kevin and Doreen Davies.
Wedding Anniversaries date back to Roman times when it became common for the husband to gift his wife with a silver wreath on their 25th anniversary and a gold wreath on their 50th anniversary. Later on, mainly in the twentieth century due to commercialism, the addition of more anniversaries being represented by materials became popular including Crystal (15th), Pearl (30th), Ruby (40th) etc...as well as less popular and glamorous materials such as Paper (2nd), Wool (7th) and Tin (10th). If you are someone who celebrates the latter examples then also see more modern ridiculous celebrations - #NationalBurgerDay, #NationalWearYourPyjamasToWorkDay and my personal favourite #NationalHelpAHorseDay - Which i will be celebrating on 26th April if anyone fancies it.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand. I was delighted to hear that my own Grandparents had received a congratulatory message from Queen Elizabeth to make their day even more special. These messages can be received most notably when turning 100 years old but also for 60th, 65th and 70th Wedding Anniversaries. This should potentially rise to 75th during our lifetime as life expectancy increases, but with people getting married later these days etc then this impressive landmark will potentially be reached less frequently in future!

Either way, 60 years of marriage is impressive whatever era you are in and it certainly shows that romance is very much still in the air for my Nan and Grandad, with many more happy years to come. 

Congratulations Kev and Do!


A taste of Cuba

Cuba - Famous for it's cigars, rums and revolutions!...not so much it's cakes.

Over the past few weeks i have been bobbing around the island of Cuba, visiting cities and villages in all corners, getting a taste of how the cubans do things. One of the main things that you notice after spending a few days here is that the selection of meals to choose from is somewhat minimal. In fact, there is pretty much one menu for every restaurant. This isn't so much due to the lack of imaginations on the locals parts, more making the most of what they have access too. Since the country was famously taken over by Fidel Castro's communist party over 50 years ago, massive restrictions have been made on importing and exporting goods, resulting in a good quality of basic ingredients hard to come by, which is reflected in the types of breads, cakes and general meals they have on offer. However, as you can see from the picture of yours truly attached to this post, the Cuban style of cake decoration completely reflects their outlook on life. Bright colours are used to pipe on dots, swirls and drapes to create a design showing the fun and bright nature of the locals. In the village of Trinidad, where this particular photo was taken, most of the houses, cars and front doors are painted in these bright colours. Although, one thing i would say is that i'm not sure what they are using as food colouring to get these insanely bright colours but after a slice of one of these cakes, you will be trying to remove orange and blue from your tongue/teeth/beard etc for the rest of the afternoon. In fact, i wouldn't be surprised if they used the same colouring to paint their front doors, it would last for years.

Another place i visited was a small town on the eastern most past of the island called Baracoa. It is actually closer in Kilometres to the Caribbean than it is to the capital of Havana, which is massively reflected in the relaxed atmosphere around the place. The locals are some of the most laid back people i have ever come across, literally, most of them are so drunk on rum/life that they spend a lot of the afternoon horizontal in the town square. There wasn't an awful lot of cake on offer in this town unfortunately, so i thought the polite thing to do was to try and join in with the local way of life, and at CUC3 (£1) per bottle of rum, it wasn't difficult to fit in. So without it being big on cake, it certainly is big on chocolate, with cocoa trees growing everywhere. During my time here i was taken to a cocoa farm, which turned out to be a family home with a man feeding a baby whilst watching cock fighting and a wife who knew everything there was to know about the process of chocolate making. The former was interesting, the latter was very interesting. I was able to sample from the very start by tasting the bean straight from the plant which was incredibly sweet, right through to the finished cube of bitter chocolate, which was so moorish that the bar i bought to take home didn't even make it to the next town, never mind London. On the outskirts of the town is Cuba's largest chocolate factory, which was opened by Che Guevara himself whilst he was the minister of industry, meaning that Baracoa now churns out Cuba's most high end bar of chocolate. And if the smell from the outside is anything to go by, i'm pretty sure it is a worthy accolade.

Before heading home i stopped off once more in Havana for a couple of days, arriving at 10pm after a lengthy car journey and as if by magic, the moment i step out of the car a man cycles past with a box on his bike shouting "pastel!" (which ironically is the word for cake, seen as the colours used are anything but pastel). So i was able to get one more taste of a delicious coffee cake a local had baked and was selling by the piece. This was the best tasting sweet treat i'd had the whole time, but i think that might have been something to do with the long, diesel fumed car journey rather than the bake itself. Either way, it perked me up. And that's one thing discovering the cakes of Cuba taught me, whether its home or abroad, baked using poor quality ingredients or just covered in multicoloured piping, receiving a cake always puts a smile on your face.

Viva la cake!

Cecil bites back!

Unless you've been hiding under a rock this past week, it's more than likely that you will have come across the cautionary tale of the wealthy, American dentist who bought himself the chance to hunt and kill one of Zimbabwe's oldest and most beloved animals, Cecil the lion. Walter Palmer intact paid £35,000 for the big game permit, which gave him the opportunity to add Cecil to his collection of big kills, which already include a rhino and a leopard, among others. 

Ever since the story broke that this legendary lion had been killed, along with the cowardly smile of Dr Palmer, the internet has been up in arms calling for the the capture of Dr Palmer himself and for him to be charged for the killing of the protected animal. He claims not to have been aware of Cecil's importance to the area and was 'relying on local guides to ensure a legal hunt'. Basically, as long as he stumped up the dollar then he can be protected by the poachers who own the land in which these wild animals can be coaxed into, using carcasses, then killed for trophies and distasteful photographs. Some people are suggesting that it is wrong that when this sort of hunting goes on in those parts of the world everyday, Dr Palmer is unfortunate to be the one to be used as an example against everything that is wrong. The way i see it is, he knows that what he is doing is not right. When he goes out to kill an endangered animal (white rhino), he is fully aware that he is destroying a part of history, contributing towards making them extinct from his children's children's lives in the future. He is a doctor and no doubt a smart guy, and hopefully this has made him think about his actions in a way that he hasn't before. I personally hope that the publicity generated by poor Cecil's killing will help raise general awareness across the world of the hunting of endangered and none endangered animals that goes on everyday. Hunting was originally meant for survival, not as decorations for your house, hopefully the public vilification of Dr Phillips will at least make a few others think twice about doing it in future.


R.I.P Cecil

Learn to make your own cake!

By teaching someone how to create something themselves that i usually earn a living from doing for them may seem a little odd. The truth is, there are a hell of a lot of birthdays, christenings, weddings etc going on every single day and i just can't fit everything in, which is why i offer the private tuition service. This way, you get the knowledge, a fun day without leaving the  house, i get a brew, and best of all, you get your wonderful masterpiece at the end of it!

The private tuition is a great way of learning basic or complicated aspects of cake decorating whilst making your ideal cake, and by tying it in with an event you have coming up, it is a great opportunity to show off your creative skills in front of friends and family!

Last week was the turn of Lara, who can be seen in the picture attached to the post, posing with her Cookie Monster Christening Cake! Having made cakes myself for Lara in the past, and knowing her to try her hand at a few designs herself, the private tuition was the perfect way to allow her to improve her skills in areas that are not as familiar whilst getting the finished design at the end of it!

This design was perfect for Lara as her connection with the Cookie Monster is bordering on obsession, even having a Cookie Monster Bride and Groom on her wedding cake! However, now was the turn of her daughters Christening, and what better way to celebrate than to have Cookie Monster Mummy and Daddy, standing with Baby Cookie Monster splashing around in the baptismal font! As Lara knew how to cut, fill and cover cakes already, i brought along the 2 tiered cake to save time and concentrate more on getting the figures exactly how Lara wanted them for the top. I talked her through it from start to finish whilst we both made the 3 characters, obviously using Lara's on the top of the finished cake!

As you can see, the results speak for themselves and i hear the guests were all taken aback by the creativity shown by Lara! 

So why not give it a go yourself! I can talk you through exactly what is achievable within the time allocated, depending on the complexity of the design as well as your experience in cake decoration. Gift Vouchers are also available if there is someone you know who might like to brush up on their skills or simply to just show off to the other mums!

I can bring as much or as little equipment that is necessary, all i ask in return is for a nice amount of enthusiasm and the kettle boiled.


Find more information at www.adamscakes.co.uk/tutoring

or get in touch with me directly at adam@adamscakes.co.uk

Who really is the hardest Superhero?

Each week, in a galaxy far far away...actually just in this London kitchen, i am asked to make cakes  featuring every type of Superhero you can think of, from Captain America to Wonder Woman cakes, right through to Hulk and Superman cakes. This has led me to ask the age old question, if they all went into battle, who would come out victorious?

The obvious answer would be Superman, being the most famous of all Super Hero's. Along with the ability to punch someone so hard that they would literally launch into a different dimension (although Flash is also capable of this), he can fly, he can omit solar energy from his eyes, not to mention superhuman speed/reflexes/intelligence. The trouble is, all it would take is for The Silver Surfer to whip a bit of Kryptonite out of his back pocket and Clarke Kent would likely run off back to the daily planet quicker than you can say go go gadget arms.

Then there's Batman, easily one of the dullest yet most consistent Superhero's. He's defeated enemies time and time again without actually possessing any super powers what so ever. He simply relies on his ability to be a master tactician and beats is enemies by planning his attacks wisely rather than out powering them. He also has the benefit of having his batsuit made from titanium compound which makes him bulletproof, resistant to physical impact and flame retardent. And not to mention he doesn't mind bats, which makes him double hard in my book, i'm terrified of them...

Spiderman on the other hand is a slippery little devil able to dodge anything by using his web making abilities (not the internet type, although i'm surprised someone hasn't come up with some sort of Spiderman pun website building business just yet..?). His vision and senses enable him to see/feel an imminent attack making it almost impossible to catch him off guard. Along with his speed and reflexes, he could wrap an enemy in a beautifully woven web to trap them whilst he works out how to defeat them.

So the short conclusion to this is that there is no conclusion. I don't want any of the Superhero's to be defeated as it would be one less cake to make, which would certainly make my days less interesting. Everyone has their favourite and that's the way it will stay...until next time.


This post was sponsored by Peter Parker Web Designers - Building A Better Web.


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Enjoy a slice of consumerism with the new iWatch.

  1. Consumerism: as a social and economic order and ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-greater amounts.

This week saw the launch of Apple's latest innovative piece of technology, in the form of a wrist watch which you can talk to! I'm not one to preach, especially as i proudly sit and write this on my shiny MacBook, however this new release does strike me as a slightly baffling addition to the general public's little Apple families. The iPod was brilliant, and then the iPhone i understood as it combined the music and the phone, whilst throwing in a few app's along the way. The i-Pad, hmm, okay, i guess it kind of makes sense to have a big-ish screen, without the lumpy keyboard in front, okay i'll have one of those too. This week we are being told that the 'must have' piece of technology, some even go as far as saying 'life changing', is a watch, which basically does everything that your phone does which is all of the thickness of a cotton pocket away when your hands are by your side, but not quite as well. Fair play to the Apple marketing team, they had their work cut out trying to persuade you with this one, especially as it's partly their fault that watches in general have become less popular, seen as you can find out the time in every time zone with one swipe of a screen.

The iWatch epitomises what consumerism is. What the corporations suggest is a high level of spending and consumption leading to a sound economy for everyone to live within, which would be slightly more justified if said companies were paying their taxes, but that's another topic all together.


Spending money is important for the economy, but no one really needs this watch. If everyone who was considering purchasing one kept in mind the fact that you already have a much better version of the watch in your pocket, you could spend the money on something a little more worthwhile. Go to seaside with a friend, book onto a course to learn something new, take your loved one away for a weekend instead of spending the next month staring at your wrist. After all, the fad of the watch will wear off and no doubt 'talk' of the latest iPhone will begin in the next few weeks or so. The iWatch retails from £299 - You could give £20 to a worthwhile charity and still have plenty left to spend on something that will last long in the memory, long after the iWatch has departed and joined the likes of the Minidisc and the Pager in tech-heaven.

(this post was written and sponsored by Adams Cakes, which incidentally it is fine to purchase.)


The Mousetrap's 26,000th Performance

Last week i was asked to create a cake to mark the 26,000th performance of Agatha Christie's play, The Mousetrap. This incredible achievement has been made during the 63 years since it's first performance in Nottingham on 6th October 1962. Agatha Christie attended the very first performance and is quoted in her autobiography as saying that she gives it no longer than a 14 month stint in the West End. 

It started off it's run in London in 1952 at the Ambassadors Theater, where in 1958 it became the longest running show to have ever run in the West End, with it's 2239th performance. This overtook the previous longest running play, Chu Chin Chow, which i'm not sure what it's about but sounds slightly racist, so probably for the best that it's run ended. After it's obvious success due to popularity, it was soon moved to the larger St Martin's Theatre next door where it has remained to this day.

Along with it's duration, the play holds a host of other Guinness world records, including late Nancy Seabrooke for a record breaking 15 years as an understudy. Now that is commitment. For other interesting facts including how many ton's of ice cream have been sold, visit the website at www.the-mousetrap.co.uk. 

So if you haven't been to see this London institution yet, then what are you waiting for? you've had 63 years! Although it doesn't look like it will be going anywhere soon, so there's no rush i suppose.

(oh and if you want to see the finished cake, it can be found here!)

Frozen Fever!

Frozen Fever – It’s timed for Frozen themed everything!!

Just when you felt it was safe to 'let it go' the makers of Disney's 2013 film phenomenon 'Frozen' release 'Frozen Fever', a short animated return back to the kingdom of Arendelle. 

If you haven't seen or heard of Frozen, you may be the only person on the planet! Frozen tells the story of sisters Anna and Elsa, torn apart by Elsa's magical powers with which she can produce ice, frost and snow at will. 

Frozen, like many of Disney's masterpieces captured imaginations of children everywhere and there are not many adults who weren't mesmerised by its charms either. As Frozen grew in popularity, so did the demand for merchandise, everything from pyjamas, pencil cases, phone covers, themed parties and cakes. 

Cakes for the Frozen devotees 

Luckily for Frozen fans, Adams Cakes has some experience in creating bespoke cakes for birthdays and other special occasions. Adam has already made a Frozen cake, for a little girl's 5th birthday celebrations. The cake featured Princess Elsa in all her magical glory atop an iceberg, surrounded by snowflakes on a pink base. 


Recently it was announced that 'Frozen 2' will be coming to cinemas in the very near future, but in the meantime, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf fans everywhere can relive the fun and excitement with a 7 minute film which will be released in theatres from 27th March titled 'Frozen Fever'. 

The film, released just in time for the Easter break, tells of Elsa's attempts to throw Anna a surprise birthday party. Why not join in with Anna's birthday celebrations and have a party of your own for those little people (or big kids!) in your life. Of course no party would be perfect without a cake! Adam can help you design your very own Frozen cake, regardless of the character, setting or occasion.


Choosing a themed cake from Adams Cakes

If you want your cakes to be just as beautiful as they are delicious, and to leave a lasting impression on loved ones, then Adam can help you design something that will be both special and unique. Whatever the person is into, whether it is the latest Disney film, literary sensation, pop group or they have a love of cars, animals or sports, Adam can help to ensure that the cake is as special and unique as the person it is for. Don't be afraid to share your ideas with Adam, he likes a challenge, no matter how obscure they are!

F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Adam’s Cakes – In Pole Position 

Here at Adams Cakes, we’re wild about Formula One – something that you may have noticed if you’ve seen our recent homage Formula 1 cake, tying in with the upcoming tournament in Malaysia!

This striking, incredibly life-like cake was lovingly created with pain-staking detail - a replica of a white Mercedes Formula 1 car just like the one, which Lewis Hamilton sped to victory in last year. 

With the races so incredibly close last season, we can’t wait to see who speeds into first place this time – will it be Hamilton, Alonso, Button or Vettel? Whoever clinches victory this year, perhaps a magnum champagne cake might be in order – or a life-size figurine of the winner! It’s certainly an event which gets our creative juices flowing. 

Perhaps our love for Formula One is so strong because precision, excitement and a desire to be the best are all things we pride ourselves on here at Adam’s Cakes. Very much like a Formula One car, baking takes finely-tuned, carefully considered skill (sometimes at high speeds and often at very high temperatures!) to achieve the best results.  

The sky really is the limit when you come to us. Got a brilliant idea but you’re a little unsure whether it can be done or not? That’s perfect for us – we love a challenge. However wacky, complicated or unusual, it can always be done – it just takes time and expertise, and luckily at Adam’s we’ve got plenty of both. 

We specialise in cakes which make people go ‘WOW’ – or ‘is that really a cake?’ As you can see from our Formula One car, we’ve mastered the art of icing and can craft this versatile material into pretty much anything. Most importantly, we like to make sure that it tastes good too – beauty goes much further than skin deep - and aside from the obvious artistic aspects it’s all about the flavour and the quality of our ingredients for us. 

Fast and furious, the glitz, glamour and rapid gear changes of Formula One make it a favoured party theme and consequently a popular cake choice for boys who love their toys. If you fancy your own slice of the action for a party or special occasion, come and chat to us at Adam’s Cakes.

Are you looking forward to the race in Malaysia? Will you be watching? We certainly will be, and with a slice of cake too!

5 reasons not to buy your next birthday cake from the Supermarket.

5 reasons you shouldn’t buy a supermarket birthday cake

At Adam’s Cakes, we’re passionate about making birthdays special – and we believe that a special occasion deserves a very special cake! We know that some of your may rush your choice of cake and hit the supermarkets in search of something quick and easy, but doing so may mean you don’t quite get it right. With that in mind, we give you 5 reasons it’s best not to get your cake from a supermarket!

1. Limited Choice – Supermarkets are notorious for having very little choice beyond the classic chocolate with sprinkles, a buttercream tray bake and of course the traditional caterpillar. But what if you want something unique? At Adam’s cakes, there is no limit to our creativity when it comes to the look and taste of your cake. 

2. Freshness – Supermarket cakes are laden with artificial flavourings and preservatives, making them a less than wholesome choice. Our cakes are handmade using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients – pure butter, free-range eggs, natural flavourings and homemade fruit jam. 

3. Price – You might think that supermarket cakes are cheaper than having one made especially for the occasion, but in actual fact they don’t represent value for money, as they are very cheaply mass-produced with artificial ingredients. The mark up on these cakes is HUGE – and you’re actually not getting a special, high-quality product for the money you are spending. 

4. Taste – All those fresh ingredients make for a superior taste and moistness –supermarket cakes can be dry and tasteless in comparison – and we think you deserve something better than that for your special day! What’s more, supermarket novelty cakes tend to be mostly comprised of dry, sugary icing with no substance which can be unpleasant to eat. Not only do Adam’s novelty cakes look incredible, they provide taste and style, so no chewing through hard layers of super-sweet icing only to find a thin layer of dry sponge at the bottom of your cake!

5. A cake to remember – At Adam’s Cakes, the sky is the limit when it comes to the design of your cake. We’ve made cakes in all shapes or sizes – no request is too crazy or too silly for us! Our cakes are not just square, ‘one size fits all’ mass-produced clone cakes – they are individual works of art, no two are the same, and each has unique character and charm. From R2D2 to Richard Branson, we have immortalised many a famous face in icing – and we can do the same for you or for your loved one. Our lifelike characters are always the talk of the town and your cake, and your party, will be memorable as a consequence. 

Looking for the perfect cake for your party? Whatever the occasion, whatever you have in mind, skip the supermarket and come and talk to us at Adam’s Cakes.

Top 10 most expensive cakes ever made

To quote the Beatles “Money can’t buy you love”, but it can buy you a big, tasty and expensive cake. Here at Adams cakes we’ve found the 10 most expensive cakes ever made that will leave you totally craving a slice for yourself – Let’s see what a bit of extra spending does to the quality of your cake!

  1. At $35 million, this “Pirate’s Fantasy” is the epitome of extravagance with each of its 10 layers a different flavour and decorated with genuine rare sapphires, gems, rings and bracelets to complete the pirate treasure.  http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/2-Worlds-Most-Expensive-Cake-003.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
  2. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend when it comes to this cake. At a cost of $30 million, this stunning cake was made for Devorah Rose’s Diamond Gala and was beautifully decked out with diamonds, rubies and emeralds for an ultra glamourous finish. http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/8-cake-boss-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 
  3. This 14-inch high cake was on display in a department store in Japan and is quite frankly exquisite. With so much detail and ornate chocolate decorations and bejewelled with 50 carats of diamonds it’s not hard to see why it was worth over $11.2 million. http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/5-diamond-large-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
  4. This dark chocolate cake moulded in the shape of Africa was commissioned by a Tokyo Jeweller. To make the cake extra special it was decorated with 2000 diamonds making it worth $5 million! http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/1-Diamond-Chocolate-Cake-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 
  5. This beauty was commissioned to encourage ladies to purchase platinum jewellery. The cake dazzled everyone as it was laden with platinum necklaces, pins, pendants and edible foils and was worth $130,000. Who wouldn’t want platinum after a slice of this cake. http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/10-platinum_cake_600x450-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 
  6. We all remember the Royal Wedding and the cake didn’t disappoint. At $78,000 the eight-tier cream and white wedding cake took 5 weeks to make, which isn’t surprising as it is decorated with nearly a thousand sugar-paste flowers http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/RoyalWeddingCakeKW001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
  7. Another Royal Wedding that had a fabulous cake was the grand five feet high masterpiece at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana back in 1981. The cake bore the Royal Family Coat of arms and was beautifully decorated with roses, lily of the valley’s and orchids to make it worth $40,000. https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS1Kf9i8hVYHbIOT3HXUnRgi0Nf2biDw6FaJtezIiGYFsMJxRAVJ8i48g 
  8. Worth $35,000, this sumptuous Faberge Egg styled cake had a peach, orange and whiskey filling with layers of champagne jelly and biscuit and finished with gold leaf and a 2-carat diamond. http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/3-FF2043FDB7924AF61C331C9968F956_h498_w598_m2_ceCmRwIzH-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 
  9. It isn’t just the modern cakes that have high price tags, back in 1998 the wedding cake of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sold at Sotheby’s for $30,000. Now that’s some valuable vintage cake! http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/9-2665979-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
  10. This six foot black and white beauty was the wedding cake of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. At a cost of $20,000 it’s clear to see what you get for your money, it’s gorgeous! http://a57.foxnews.com/global.fncstatic.com/static/managed/img/fn2/travel/660/371/4-kim-kardashian-001.jpg?ve=1&tl=1 

Whether you’re left gobsmacked at the prices or drooling at the cakes, one thing’s for sure – you certainly get what you pay for! Don’t worry if you can’t quite stretch to platinum icing – here at Adams cakes we can make something special for your big day without the $30 million pricetag!

10 of the Biggest Cakes ever made

10 of the Biggest Cakes Ever Made

What would you class as a big cake? Maybe a wedding cake with more than 6 tiers or a birthday cake that is the size of a tractor wheel? Well, sorry to disappoint, but here at Adams cakes, we have found ten of the biggest cakes ever made that will blow a bog standard cake out of the water and have you salivating both at the wonders you could create for your birthday or wedding cake!

  1. Image - http://www.womansday.com/cm/womansday/images/mh/worlds-largest-wedding-cake-1.jpg 

Back in 2004 the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, USA received the Guinness World Record for the largest wedding cake. Weighing a whopping 6.18 tonnes it was made as a display piece for a bridal fayre.

  1. Image - http://www.supersizedmeals.com/food/images/articles/20061009-Worlds_Largest_Birthday_Cake_15.jpg

This was the extravagant cake made for the Centennial Birthday party of Las Vegas back in 2005. The cake used 30,000 half-sheet cakes and over 18 tonnes of frosting.  That’s Vegas baby!

  1. Image http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/assets/513669?width=660&height=420 

Fairy Liquid created the largest cake sculpture in London’s Westfield Shopping Centre for Charity in November 2014. It measured a whopping 12.17m x 9.80m x 41cm, and was divvied up into over 12,000 portions. Let us know if you were lucky enough to bag a slice.

  1. Image http://www.odditycentral.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/Taj-Mahal-Palace-hotel-550x486.jpg 

The detail on this Taj Mahal replica cake made in Bangalore in 2010 is immense. At 6.7 metres long and 4.2m wide, it is the biggest cake ever made in India.  Hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  1. http://i.huffpost.com/gen/843091/thumbs/o-WORLDS-LARGEST-SPONGE-CAKE-facebook.jpg 

Cake makers in Seiersberg, Austria created this scrumptious looking sponge cake that bears the town’s Coat of Arms. It’s the world’s largest sponge cake at roughly 8m x 6m and used over 3,000 eggs and 500kg of fruit! 

  1. Image - http://photos.hamariweb.com/photos/Album/World-s-Largest-Cake-for-Saudi-National-Day_788.jpeg

This cake is practically the size of a country and was made for Saudi National Day back in 2013. What better tribute to your country than an enormous cake replica of it!

  1. http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/legacy.images/smosh-pit/082010/bigfood-15.jpg 

This huge construction was a wedding cake made in Seattle in 1962 and is still tipped to be the worlds largest cake. It’s over 7m tall and weighed 11.3 tonnes! That is one big cake!

  1. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQJtUMS9LtDGQQI691eDSTQbVuJ3Cayh0YDtK2Z_EIC6L5HY6aIEw 

Hmmm, doesn’t that look divine? This 8 m high cake was made in a shopping mall in China and took 20 chefs 24 hours to make.  


  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B6E47IPCYAEgJ4h.jpg 

The Dong Yan Wedding Cake in the Philippines is quite the masterpiece. At 3.65m high this could be the world’s largest wedding cake that was actually eaten by guests.

  1. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/assets/521177?width=660&height=420 

The Longest Fruit Cake in the world was made in Nicaragua and measured an incredible 504.34 metres. It even had icing and candied fruit to finish. Delicious! 

So there you have it, 10 of the biggest cakes ever made. With cakes that big there will definitely be a few leftover slices for the host to take home! If that’s made you hungry, why not try a slice or two of one of our special creations? We can’t promise 18 tonnes of frosting, but we can make something that’s so special you’ll either want to share it with everyone or keep it all for yourself –either way, there won’t be any leftovers!!

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