A good cake for a wedding should tick particular crucial boxes. It should not only be delicious, but also look in a way that will attract attention and long leave positive impressions in the minds of the couple and guests. However, good wedding cakes can also be unique wedding cakes! The wedding cakes London maker Adam Cox can make bespoke wedding cakes that look and taste right for a large variety of spouses-to-be both in the capital and across the UK.

There are many possibilities for your wedding cake

A traditional wedding cake is white and has three tiers - and there is nothing stopping you from asking Adam to make this kind of cake for your special day. However, you only have to look elsewhere on this website at the images of cakes that Adam has made for other clients to see that his cake-making skills are hugely diverse.

What things are special to you and your future spouse? Perhaps you could have a cake that reflects a shared passion, like a cake that looks like a Formula One car if you are motor-sport fans, or a cake that resembles an open book if you both love reading. Alternatively, the cake could replicate that magical moment when the two of you first met. That's both imaginative and romantic, and can get the wedding guests' tongues wagging in the right way. However, the final choice is really up to you and your partner.

You can contact Adam for his thoughts

Whether or not you have a good idea of what you want the cake to be like, you can contact Adam to discuss your opinions and requirements. He will be happy to put together something that can really make – or should that be 'cake'? – your special day!