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5 reasons not to buy your next birthday cake from the Supermarket.

5 reasons you shouldn’t buy a supermarket birthday cake

At Adam’s Cakes, we’re passionate about making birthdays special – and we believe that a special occasion deserves a very special cake! We know that some of your may rush your choice of cake and hit the supermarkets in search of something quick and easy, but doing so may mean you don’t quite get it right. With that in mind, we give you 5 reasons it’s best not to get your cake from a supermarket!

1. Limited Choice – Supermarkets are notorious for having very little choice beyond the classic chocolate with sprinkles, a buttercream tray bake and of course the traditional caterpillar. But what if you want something unique? At Adam’s cakes, there is no limit to our creativity when it comes to the look and taste of your cake.

2. Freshness – Supermarket cakes are laden with artificial flavourings and preservatives, making them a less than wholesome choice. Our cakes are handmade using the freshest, locally sourced ingredients – pure butter, free-range eggs, natural flavourings and homemade fruit jam.

3. Price – You might think that supermarket cakes are cheaper than having one made especially for the occasion, but in actual fact they don’t represent value for money, as they are very cheaply mass-produced with artificial ingredients. The mark up on these cakes is HUGE – and you’re actually not getting a special, high-quality product for the money you are spending.

4. Taste – All those fresh ingredients make for a superior taste and moistness –supermarket cakes can be dry and tasteless in comparison – and we think you deserve something better than that for your special day! What’s more, supermarket novelty cakes tend to be mostly comprised of dry, sugary icing with no substance which can be unpleasant to eat. Not only do Adam’s novelty cakes look incredible, they provide taste and style, so no chewing through hard layers of super-sweet icing only to find a thin layer of dry sponge at the bottom of your cake!

5. A cake to remember – At Adam’s Cakes, the sky is the limit when it comes to the design of your cake. We’ve made cakes in all shapes or sizes – no request is too crazy or too silly for us! Our cakes are not just square, ‘one size fits all’ mass-produced clone cakes – they are individual works of art, no two are the same, and each has unique character and charm. From R2D2 to Richard Branson, we have immortalised many a famous face in icing – and we can do the same for you or for your loved one. Our lifelike characters are always the talk of the town and your cake, and your party, will be memorable as a consequence.

Looking for the perfect cake for your party? Whatever the occasion, whatever you have in mind, skip the supermarket and come and talk to us at Adam’s Cakes.

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