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F1 Malaysian Grand Prix

Adam’s Cakes – In Pole Position 

Here at Adams Cakes, we’re wild about Formula One – something that you may have noticed if you’ve seen our recent homage Formula 1 cake, tying in with the upcoming tournament in Malaysia!

This striking, incredibly life-like cake was lovingly created with pain-staking detail – a replica of a white Mercedes Formula 1 car just like the one, which Lewis Hamilton sped to victory in last year. 

With the races so incredibly close last season, we can’t wait to see who speeds into first place this time – will it be Hamilton, Alonso, Button or Vettel? Whoever clinches victory this year, perhaps a magnum champagne cake might be in order – or a life-size figurine of the winner! It’s certainly an event which gets our creative juices flowing. 

Perhaps our love for Formula One is so strong because precision, excitement and a desire to be the best are all things we pride ourselves on here at Adam’s Cakes. Very much like a Formula One car, baking takes finely-tuned, carefully considered skill (sometimes at high speeds and often at very high temperatures!) to achieve the best results.  

The sky really is the limit when you come to us. Got a brilliant idea but you’re a little unsure whether it can be done or not? That’s perfect for us – we love a challenge. However wacky, complicated or unusual, it can always be done – it just takes time and expertise, and luckily at Adam’s we’ve got plenty of both. 

We specialise in cakes which make people go ‘WOW’ – or ‘is that really a cake?’ As you can see from our Formula One car, we’ve mastered the art of icing and can craft this versatile material into pretty much anything. Most importantly, we like to make sure that it tastes good too – beauty goes much further than skin deep – and aside from the obvious artistic aspects it’s all about the flavour and the quality of our ingredients for us. 

Fast and furious, the glitz, glamour and rapid gear changes of Formula One make it a favoured party theme and consequently a popular cake choice for boys who love their toys. If you fancy your own slice of the action for a party or special occasion, come and chat to us at Adam’s Cakes.

Are you looking forward to the race in Malaysia? Will you be watching? We certainly will be, and with a slice of cake too!

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Adams Cakes London bespoke decorated cake delivery

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