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Who really is the hardest Superhero?

Each week, in a galaxy far far away…actually just in this London kitchen, i am asked to make cakes  featuring every type of Superhero you can think of, from Captain America to Wonder Woman cakes, right through to Hulk and Superman cakes. This has led me to ask the age old question, if they all went into battle, who would come out victorious?

The obvious answer would be Superman, being the most famous of all Super Hero’s. Along with the ability to punch someone so hard that they would literally launch into a different dimension (although Flash is also capable of this), he can fly, he can omit solar energy from his eyes, not to mention superhuman speed/reflexes/intelligence. The trouble is, all it would take is for The Silver Surfer to whip a bit of Kryptonite out of his back pocket and Clarke Kent would likely run off back to the daily planet quicker than you can say go go gadget arms.

Then there’s Batman, easily one of the dullest yet most consistent Superhero’s. He’s defeated enemies time and time again without actually possessing any super powers what so ever. He simply relies on his ability to be a master tactician and beats is enemies by planning his attacks wisely rather than out powering them. He also has the benefit of having his batsuit made from titanium compound which makes him bulletproof, resistant to physical impact and flame retardent. And not to mention he doesn’t mind bats, which makes him double hard in my book, i’m terrified of them…

Spiderman on the other hand is a slippery little devil able to dodge anything by using his web making abilities (not the internet type, although i’m surprised someone hasn’t come up with some sort of Spiderman pun website building business just yet..?). His vision and senses enable him to see/feel an imminent attack making it almost impossible to catch him off guard. Along with his speed and reflexes, he could wrap an enemy in a beautifully woven web to trap them whilst he works out how to defeat them.

So the short conclusion to this is that there is no conclusion. I don’t want any of the Superhero’s to be defeated as it would be one less cake to make, which would certainly make my days less interesting. Everyone has their favourite and that’s the way it will stay…until next time.

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