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adams cakes london bespoke cake traditional wedding

Adams Cakes trending wedding cake styles (2022)

Adams Cakes London bespoke decorated cake delivery
adams cakes london bespoke cake traditional wedding

Trending wedding cakes in 2022

Having the best wedding cake is something some couples dream of, and Adams Cakes are here to make sure you can share part of your special day with all your guests!

Keeping you up with this year’s wedding cake trends,  we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting wedding cakes to know in 2022. Whether you want to make something traditional or modern, there’s a perfect fit for every taste!

Choosing your perfect wedding cake/s

Naturally, your choice of cake will depend on several factors such as budget, taste, theme, and other factors.

Adams Cakes can completely guide you on a perfect wedding cake that fits your budget and style, while keeping within budget and being completely bespoke to your special day.

We have put together a list of some fun Wedding cakes for your special day.

1 – Cake pops:

 These are tiny versions of the traditional wedding cake you can eat on your special day! They come in various flavours and shapes and can be made into anything from a mini wedding cake, to flowers or  animals and characters. Our favourites are mini versions of a traditional wedding cake!

2 – Lattice:

Lattice is another popular trend in 2022, which involves creating beautiful designs on top of cakes using thin strips of frosting or royal icing. The designs vary from simple swirls to intricate patterns like lace or leaves—they’re all adorable! You can find lattice on top of all sorts of cakes, but it would be great to add volume and detail to your wedding cake.

3 – Black Wedding Cakes: 

These are perfect for those who love all things dark and mysterious! They are also great for couples who want something different from traditional colours like white or yellow.

4 – Modern Art Cakes: 

If you’re a fan of your art and paintings, why not have a replica on your cake to add some colour to your wedding day?

5 – Themed Patterns:

 If your wedding theme is themed, this trend is perfect for keeping the cake in the same style as the rest of your wedding decorations! Adams Cakes can take your ideas and wedding decorations and make a consitently themed wedding cake to match your other decorations perfectly!

Choose your perfect wedding cake filling as all wedding cakes made my Adams Cakes are completely bespoke from the filling out to the icing on top! 


Click here to find out more about our wedding cakes! 


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