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Delivery all over London and beyond…

Adams Cakes London bespoke decorated cake delivery

First blog entry of the new site!

So here I am, testing out the ‘blog’ area of my new website. I’ve been told that if I keep this updated often enough, it will help drive traffic to my website to help me aquire certain things like ‘customers’ and ‘sales’. It’s all jargon to me though, give me a rolling pin and i’ll leave all this stuff to the experts.

So, if you’ve made it this far then you have stumbled across the new web site, on which you will find all my latest cakes as well as information on things like how to get in touch and what not. You will also find useful links to all of my social media platforms including the Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as the Instagram account where you will often catch pictures of the day to day going’s on in the cake kitchen (and quite often out of it…).

As the New Year unfolds you will also notice new pictures appearing on the home pages of the website as I am having some fresh and updated versions made very soon, so keep an eye out for those.

Other than that, thanks for popping over, do come again, tell your friends and follow all the other pages if you’re an over indulgent, social media fellow.


#Cake (<– I’ve been told these little things help boost things also..)

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Adams Cakes London bespoke decorated cake delivery

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