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Best Bespoke Birthday Cake Styles (Top 5 of 2022)

Adams Cakes designs a huge variety of bespoke birthday cakes from our kitchen in London for all ages and styles! Our knowledgeable and experienced group of cake bakers are the perfect team to make the perfect birthday cake for anyone.

With over 10 years’ experience in the cake industry, Adam’s vast skillset allows him to design and decorate e cakes far from the norm!

He is continuously pushing the boundaries with his self-taught design and decorating skills to make the best, most creative and artistic cakes for you.

bespoke cake decoration being made

So if you’re looking for birthday cake inspiration then look no further as we’ve put together a list of the top 5 most popular bespoke birthday cakes we’ve had this year! We’ve included some of our favourite birthday cakes ranging from popular TV characters to traditional birthday cakes too. 

1. Bespoke Character Birthday Cake

Ever wanted yourself on a cake? Adams Cakes makes completely bespoke character birthday cakes with you as the centrepiece, choose to have your subject doing anything you want. Whatever scene you can think of, we can make it a birthday cake. Want yourself at the gym, riding a bike or even in your favourite game? Adams Cakes can make your wildest dreams edible! 

2. Traditional Birthday Cake

Treat yourself like a royal this birthday and opt for a more traditional style birthday cake like Duchess Camilla’s 75th!

A birthday cake style for someone with minimal taste but after a timeless classic! With the option to be as bespoke as possible, we can add what ever you want to the traditional birthday cake including your age, icing and even your coat of arms, if you’re feeling a bit extra 😉

3. TV Character Bespoke Birthday Cake

Still a fan of Coco Melon in your thirties? We won’t judge.. Adams Cakes will replicate your favourite TV character for the most amazing and colourful centerpeice for your birthday party. We’ve made The Gruffalo cakes, Paw Patrol birthday cakes,  Disney cakes and many more! 

4. Transport Birthday Cake

Want a hyper-realistic F1 Birthday Cake? We’ve made them to celebrate some of McLaren’s wins so you’re in the right place if you want a bespoke car birthday cake! 

The detail doesn’t stop at F1 Cars, Adams been making vehicle cakes since he started decorating cakes so can make any vehicle you want! We’ve made race car cakes, army tank cakes, train and tram cakes and even bespoke digger themed cakes too! 

5. Mini Birthday Cakes

Fancy something completely different? Or what about some tasty-take homes for you guests to remember your special day? Adams Cakes makes super cute, miniature birthday cakes which can be completely bespoke to match your birthday theme, or even tiny copies of your main cake!

Adams Cakes London bespoke decorated cake delivery

To order your very own bespoke birthday cake or, for more inspiration, contact Adams Cakes using the button below! 

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