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Top 10 most expensive cakes ever made

To quote the Beatles “Money can’t buy you love”, but it can buy you a big, tasty and expensive cake. Here at Adams cakes we’ve found the 10 most expensive cakes ever made that will leave you totally craving a slice for yourself – Let’s see what a bit of extra spending does to the quality of your cake!

  1. At $35 million, this “Pirate’s Fantasy” is the epitome of extravagance with each of its 10 layers a different flavour and decorated with genuine rare sapphires, gems, rings and bracelets to complete the pirate treasure.
  2. Diamonds are definitely a girl’s best friend when it comes to this cake. At a cost of $30 million, this stunning cake was made for Devorah Rose’s Diamond Gala and was beautifully decked out with diamonds, rubies and emeralds for an ultra glamourous finish. 
  3. This 14-inch high cake was on display in a department store in Japan and is quite frankly exquisite. With so much detail and ornate chocolate decorations and bejewelled with 50 carats of diamonds it’s not hard to see why it was worth over $11.2 million.
  4. This dark chocolate cake moulded in the shape of Africa was commissioned by a Tokyo Jeweller. To make the cake extra special it was decorated with 2000 diamonds making it worth $5 million! 
  5. This beauty was commissioned to encourage ladies to purchase platinum jewellery. The cake dazzled everyone as it was laden with platinum necklaces, pins, pendants and edible foils and was worth $130,000. Who wouldn’t want platinum after a slice of this cake. 
  6. We all remember the Royal Wedding and the cake didn’t disappoint. At $78,000 the eight-tier cream and white wedding cake took 5 weeks to make, which isn’t surprising as it is decorated with nearly a thousand sugar-paste flowers
  7. Another Royal Wedding that had a fabulous cake was the grand five feet high masterpiece at the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana back in 1981. The cake bore the Royal Family Coat of arms and was beautifully decorated with roses, lily of the valley’s and orchids to make it worth $40,000. 
  8. Worth $35,000, this sumptuous Faberge Egg styled cake had a peach, orange and whiskey filling with layers of champagne jelly and biscuit and finished with gold leaf and a 2-carat diamond. 
  9. It isn’t just the modern cakes that have high price tags, back in 1998 the wedding cake of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor sold at Sotheby’s for $30,000. Now that’s some valuable vintage cake!
  10. This six foot black and white beauty was the wedding cake of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. At a cost of $20,000 it’s clear to see what you get for your money, it’s gorgeous! 

Whether you’re left gobsmacked at the prices or drooling at the cakes, one thing’s for sure – you certainly get what you pay for! Don’t worry if you can’t quite stretch to platinum icing – here at Adams cakes we can make something special for your big day without the $30 million pricetag!

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